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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Monthly Retainer - dependent upon ad spend
  • Strategy
  • Setup
  • Management
  • Optimization and Scaling

Scale Your Business Online with Facebook & Instagram Ads

If you’ve had anything to do with advertising on Facebook before, you’ll know the platform changes frequently and unexpectedly. What used to work suddenly doesn’t and you have to scramble to find a new solution to get your sales back on track. 

I trained with some of the top Facebook marketers in the world, and continue to be part of a number of high level masterminds so that my skills remain current and I’m always on top of what’s working in ecommerce. 

I handle the strategy, audience research, competitor research, ad creation, and optimisation including scaling. 

My goal is to create a Facebook machine, where I identify the best performing audiences, strategy, ad type, headline and copy for your business. Then, we know exactly what return to expect when we scale your business to… wherever you want it to go. 

Sales Funnels

Custom Designs Available
  • Clickfunnels, Shopify, Other Platforms
  • Design, Build, Integrate

Conversion Focused Sales Funnels - Make More Sales!

Sales funnels are the modern day website, but better! Getting people to click on your ad is only the first step to buying. These websites help 'funnel' your prospective customer from their first interaction with you, through a series of connections until they become a customer. Integrating consumer psychology and marketing technology, this is the way you will grow your business fast! 

This service includes funnel strategy and establishing the best platform for your funnel, funnel design, build and integrations with other software. 

Email Marketing & Automation

Starting at:
Full Ecommerce Email Marketing Setup
  • 6 Email Sequences
  • Copywriting, design, integration 
  • Fully Automated

Your 24/7 Marketing Machine 

Ecommerce businesses have specific needs when it comes to email marketing and automation. 

Our ecommerce package includes 6 email sequences (20 emails total) covering lead nurture, new customer, abandon cart recovery, browser abandon recovery, VIP customers and customer win back sequences. 

Package include copywriting, design, and integration of your automated email marketing system into your CRM or email marketing software. 

This is a system that works behind the scenes for your business, 24/7.

Business Audit & Strategy

Starting at:
Full Business Audit
  • Site Evaluation (Content and Technical)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Paid Advertising Evaluation
  • Email Marketing Evaluation
  • Recommendations 

Discover The Highest Priority For Your Business

If you don’t know where to start or what services your business needs, I can offer a detailed marketing audit for you. 

I’ll take a look into each of these areas of your business and make specific recommendations for improvement, including prioritising what is the most important area for you to focus on first. 

This comprehensive report will identify the barriers to growth for your store. 
Many of my clients start out with the marketing audit. 

All pricing in USD